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Supply-Demand &Value Chain

Many firms take great pleasure in adopting and promoting their implementation of the latest management fad and 'best-in-class' practices. 'Ready-to-go' scorecards and quality programs as well as management philosophies dominate such practices with scarce attention paid to practicality. We at III will evaluate your entire web of processess while untangling and spelling out your demand and supply risk.

Ever wondered why your previous forecasts never tailed closely to your demand? At best, it may just be a problem of not considering a small risk factor on your distributors and retailers. Worse, to the end of the negative continuum, you might actually be experiencing an accumulated bullwhip effect. As you start integrating and outsourcing your operations, multiple suppliers, distributors and alliance partnerships are formed. This creates demand variability which increases exponentially as one moves further away from the highest supply or demand link.The risk associated with the variablity behaves at random, in turn causing even a highly R&D intensive firm to sacrifice value for presumably, efficiency.

However, III will thrive on the challenge of removing any ambiguity in your supply and demand chain. In addition, we measure and quantify your losses and gains with the optimization of multi-criteria decision-making throughout the chain. This would be achieved through our 'insights' concept and optimization strategy where value is directly factored in each decision process of the chain.



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