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Data Analysis

Speedy and timely decisions need to be made with the consideration of multiple tradeoffs and alternatives. Due to multiple constraints and time, decision makers resort to gut feeling and experience. Although a problem might manfest in the same way, the causes could be different. Decision solely based on experience is analogous to continuous fire fighting. Assignable causes can be addressed immediately without further eroding of profits and market potential could be seized at once.

By providing hard evidence and intepretation of data, organizational culture could be bridged. Four plans: sales, marketing, engineering and financial departments can be brought together to realize the strategic direction of the firm. Well-designed charts are good but it is not our interest to mainly institute trends for you. We seek to provide value-added services by establishing the cause and effect, the drivers and consequences, the benefits and outcomes and the probability of succeeding or failing with each decision taken by your firm. We predict the outcomes of your actions.

Our data analysis techniques are employed to both cross-sectional data and longitudinal data. Various multivariate analysis and decision analysis methodologies are taken into account before applying to the clients' situation. Some of the decisions that were made from our analysis aided our clients in:

  • The use of inventory and safety stock strategies.
  • Making choices in supply decisions, use of overtime, outsourcing work and adding shifts
  • Increase demand in promotions, offering combination of product values to different market segments, differentiate customer satisfaction and waiting time.
  • Prioritizing orders and varying delivery dates on quotations to reduce variability of internal lead times.



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