Our Practice

Who we are

Intelligent Insights International (III) is a global consulting practice specializing in business management. We believe that managing is truly an art encompassing a wide range of disciplines unrestricted across all industries. However more often than not, managing becomes an ardous task with numerous problems arising. Here at III, we want to help you remove those obstacles and present to you a clearer road ahead. Using our expertise in research and analysis, we generate a wealth of innovative ideas that will serve to solve your business needs but above all, impact your firm’s performance.

What we do

We help clients uncover solutions to their problems through solid research work and data analysis. Among the research conducted by our experts (but are not limited to) are:

  • market potential and project feasibility of products
  • public preference for various power generation systems
  • surveys on attitudes and perceptions of employees and customers
  • strategizing and prioritizing strategies for manufacturing and business performance
  • developing vendor development programs

Our consultants have also received acknowledgement in technical contribution for methodological development and data analyses in employee benefits, organizational commitment and the implementation of knowledge management in private institutions of higher learning.

Why should you hire us?

Good question. Here’s why. We are a consulting practice that do not live on the principle of ‘borrowing your watch, telling you the time and charging it’. We live on a culture of results and performance and take pride as a change catalyst in your organization.

Our research and surveys are meticulously conducted, including the development of a whole new methodological process to suit your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in our practice. We will go to great lengths to ensure that the findings of our surveys are statistically, methodologically, theoretically and most importantly practically sound.

Currently, in the midst of expansion, we are surrounding ourselves with leading experts in various fileds, ranging from e-marketing to optimization of supply chain. Our experts are a combination of industry practitioners and academic professors with vast experiences in consulting and research.