In the militia, precise intelligence provides structure to the best possible strategies. It ultimately decides the fate of their operations i.e. success or failure. The same principle applies in the business context. Components of Intelligence: Knowledge, information and acumen are vital aspects that aid managers and executives in devising ingenious, innovative and most importantly inimitable strategies/actions that sustain the competitive advantage of a firm. At III, it is our quest to help your organization achieve that extra edge by providing you with astute business intelligence gained through our following range of services.


It is said that success in any business requires a two-fold effort: plan your work and work your plan. Businesses often fail to execute one of the two and for those who managed well on both aspects, there are still room for improved effectiveness and efficiency. Akin to organizational sleuths, we dismantle conceptual bridges and help you see the big (and clearer) picture. Our consultancy services cover operations and marketing research and performance measures.

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Manpower Training

Companies are made up of people. Employees provide the necessary manpower that drive and sustain the existence of a company. Yet, at times human capital is under looked  while machines and computers are the ones credited. Let us be mindful that technology also needs the supervision and administration of humans. III understands that with the proper training, employees can shine in their professions. Thus, we strive to equip your organization’s employees with our diverse manpower training programs.

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Data Analysis

While it is true that a picture can paint a thousand words, in our opinion, statistics and streams of numerical/empirical data can present your business with even deeper insights. At times, with illuminating insights that would have otherwise gone undetected. Here at III, our analysts are dedicated in careful analysis and interpretation of your data so that your business can profit from the information extracted.

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